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On daily basis, you get a number of messages from your friends your family your office colleagues and some of the marketers as well. Out of all the other messages, the messages that are coming from marketers do have more density and are more annoying for you. Sometimes these messages are according to your interest and you to pay attention to know more about the office and new products that are launching by them. But sometimes these are very much annoying for you as you are not interested in any kind of that product that is being described to you through Masters. that there is no timing of such as you can get them product repeatedly all over again without any prior notification did you actually want to block them or want to get rid of them instantly. But unfortunately, as these are the automated messages you are unable to contact to any person in order to get rid of them.

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While going through all the situations the most important thing that comes to your mind is why you are getting such marketing messages. This is actually a major question that bothers you all the time that how a brand or any marketer will know about your phone number. Here are some of the amazing facts about this procedure that lets you provide your own number to the marketers by your own hands. it is a kind of an unbelievable fact but in reality, you are the person who provides your own contact details to the marketers and also about your preferences of the brands so the contact you through the SMS marketing and let you know about all the upcoming arrivals.

Filling up the review forms

Review forms feedback forms are the common one that you use to fill up whenever you visit any kind of restaurant hotel or a brand outlet. Most of the times they ask you to fill up the form because they want to keep up the customer service better but on the other hand, they use this information for their own good and market their upcoming projects.

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Providing your contact information online

Most of the time your social media accounts or online stuff is connected to your mobile phone. It is the most convenient way to connect your all the accounts at once and enhance your privacy of the online accounts by connecting them to your phone number. But you are ignoring the fact that by connecting all these things to your phone number you are getting your phone public. Although you have everything secured and gets the notification instantly on your phone when there is something wrong has been done to your account. But on the other hand, your phone number can be accessed by anybody who is searching for you as you have provided it in the contact cell.

Posting online ads on classified sites

Online classified ads are actually one of the most famous advertisement tools right now that are being used by a number of people. If you are working professionally and do have some kind of public dealings then you definitely reach such kind of classified sites. In this regard, you have to provide your contact information online so the people can contact you directly. The marketers have this source available all the time to find out about your contact details. Classified anybody can access your contact information to the markers. They can also they get your contact number from search websites and contact you for their own marketing.