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  • Unknown 108
  • Missed Call 41
  • Scammer 13
  • Telemarketer 11
  • Unreachable 5
  • Political Call 2
  • SMS 2
  • Prank Call 1
  • Survey 1
  • Event Reminder 1
  • Non-profit Organization 1
  • Fax Machine 1
  • Invalid Number 1
  • Debt Collector 1

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    Called me at 10:30 at night and woke myself and 2 kids up on a school night. When I said "hello", an automated message said something about morgage payments and then hung up.. When I called back, I get a fast busy signal... Sounds fishy and it was very irresponsible and plain rude to call so late.

  • avatar

    no one said anything so I have a loud whistle that I blow into the phone. Guess they just hung up.

  • avatar
    s adams

    Received call at 9:45 am Monday - I did not pick up - left no message. Assume telemarketing...waaaay too many of these random calls disturbing the household peace!!!

  • avatar
    Sick N. Tired

    my phone didn't know the number so I didn't answer. suggest you don't either.

  • avatar

    Bogus call says "this message is for all who have Blue Cross / Blue Shield" and then a long message about the drug epidemic and this wonderful new drug they have that you just rub on," and it won't cost you any money, etc. Then - and this is the key - they want you to press 1 to verify (as in, give them) your address, etc.

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    Called my office, I gave our usual greeting and there was silence, repeated the greeting, silence, I said HELLO?? no response, so I hung up.


5302310375 Phone Number Last Activity

Last 15 feedback.
# Activity Time
4 Unknown
5 Telemarketer
6 Missed Call
7 Scammer
9 Unknown
10 Unreachable
11 Missed Call
12 Scammer
13 SMS
14 Fax Machine
15 Prank Call

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  • State California
  • City Sacramento, CA
  • County Sacramento
  • Area Code 530
  • Prefix 231

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