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  • Missed Call 4
  • Telemarketer 3
  • Unknown 3
  • Scammer 2

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    ClearView energy is who answered when i called back.

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    I seen a missed call when i got home.
    -Potsdam NY
    -(315) 274-3095
    -Tuesday | October 4, 2016 | 2:36 PM EDT | 4 seconds

    I called the number and a lady answered. She said she was from Clearview Energy and can see we are customers of Clearview, that Austin had called. She said she had to go across the hall, since she is in the "welcoming' dept., and she would have him call right back.
    No one ever called back, so i called Clearview's 800 number and the lady from that number confirmed 315-274-3095 was for customer service, attempting to have us re-connect with them, since we found a cheaper service and their service ended Sept.30, she said she'd put me on the do-not-call list.
    Its possible this number has been spoofed by scammers to all who have posted about the various scams. Its also possible this number is a 3rd party marketing company and uses it to scam with privileged info from legit companies that hire them to do customer service and marketing calls.
    Caller: Clearview Energy
    Call type: Telemarketer

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    No one there when i answered. Called back and message said press1 to speak to someone , 2 to be put on DNC list. I pressed 1 and got music for about 5 mins before i hung up. Called back a few mins later , same message, but no one ever came on to talk. Its a scam of some sort. blocking!

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    Thursday | October 6, 2016 | 10:38 AM EDT | 16 seconds3rd day they called, left a blank 2 sec message on VM. Called back, but this time spoke with a girl and explained i talked to someone from their main offices and was told I'd be put on the Do-Not-Call list. She said ok, that she would note it.We shall see.......Caller: Clearview EnergyCall type: Telemarketer


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  • State New York
  • City Potsdam, NY
  • County Saint Lawrence
  • Area Code 315
  • Prefix 274

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